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Angelica, clases de idiomas en Arucas

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Hello, my name is Angelica Dunn. I am 32 years old from Jamaica and living in Spain.
Let me teach you and introduce you to the universal language ‘English’. We will have a wonderful journey and learn great things together.
I’ve always had a passion for teaching English, I am very enthused with this language as a Native Speaker. It brings me great joy to see the expression on an individuals face when they learn the language.
I’ve taught English privately only as a hobby in the past for 11 months in 2015. This time I want to take it to a more professional level. I have English language certified by the CXC (Caribbean Examination Council) since 2007. I am also certified in (Business Administration) by the NVQJ National vocational qualification of Jamaica, level 2 certificate. I am open minded and love to learn about other cultures and languages my self. Becoming a tutor is a wonderful accomplishment for me as I am very patient and passionate about teaching.
I am driven and ready to start the journey of teaching English to those who want to learn.
Lessons are done to meet the needs/goals of each student. I communicate effective and efficiently, clear and concise, in order for my students to understand the subject matter correctly. I am able to connect with my student so they can be comfortable and engage in verbal and visual activities when learning with me. The atmosphere will always be interesting, fun and welcoming. I will ensure to provide the most appropriate materials to give my students confidence and motivation. I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey in learning English.

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34 años
Angelica, clases idiomas en Arucas


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